Movie Trailer for Come Dance with Me (2012) (aka: Christmas Dance) starring Andrew McCarthy, Michelle Nolden, Stephanie Mills, Mary Long, Zachary Bennett, Chris Gillett, Jane Moffat directed by John Bradshaw Movie Review

Come Dance with Me (2012)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Come Dance with Me

Jack Pressman (Andrew McCarthy - The National Tree) is not working hard for a promotion he also happens to be dating Demi (Stephanie Mills), the boss's daughter. The trouble is that Demi's mum is not too subtle when it comes to her opinion of Jack not being from their social class and not good enough for her precious daughter. Fearing that Demi will leave him for some one younger, richer and from her own social circle he plans to propose but first he has to negotiate her family's Christmas ball which means he needs to learn to dance. It is how he meets Christine (Michelle Nolden) a dance instructor and before long sparks begin to fly between them forcing Jack to make a decision especially when Christine learns she is being evicted from the building where her dance school is due to redevelopment, a redevelopment which Jack happens to be involved with. ... Read Review

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