Movie Trailer for Consenting Adults (1992) starring Kevin Kline, Kevin Spacey, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Rebecca Miller, Forest Whitaker, E.G. Marshall, Kimberly McCullough directed by Alan J. Pakula Movie Review

Consenting Adults (1992)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Consenting Adults

Richard and Priscilla Parker's (Kevin Kline & Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) lives are almost perfect in their suburban, happy household. But when Eddy and Kay Otis (Kevin Spacey & Rebecca Miller) move next door that all changes as the fun loving, risk taking Eddy sprinkles fun into their lives as they all become best friends sharing weekends away together. But when Eddy suggests they share more than weekends and swap wives Richard's life spirals out of control as he realises Eddy is not all that he seems. ... Read Review