Movie Trailer for Consumed (2015) (aka: A Mother's Fear) Zoe Lister-Jones, Victor Garber, Beth Grant, Kunal Nayyar, Anthony Edwards, Griffin Dunne, Danny Glover Movie Review

Consumed (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Consumed

Single mum Sophie (Zoe Lister-Jones) becomes concerned when her son Garrett (Nick Wilkin) fall ill with what a doctor says is just a case of the flu but clearly is more when he not only breaks out in an all over the body rash but ends up in hospital. Convinced that maybe it is something they are which might be responsible Sophie's research leads her to believe that GM foods are the cause of not only her son's health woes but also her own increasing irrational behaviour. Determined to clean up what they eat Sophie pays local organic farmer Hal (Danny Glover) a visit but he is concerned that Sophie may work for a company, Clonestra, which has been harassing him for a while to use their genetically modified seed. As Sophie keeps on digging in to things she discovers that Clonestra is funding research as the school where her mother Kristin (Beth Grant) works. Although she finds herself stone walled by the bosses she meets a disgraced former scientist, Peter (Griffin Dunne), willing to help as he believes the same as she does. ... Read Review