Movie Trailer for Dad's Home (2010) (aka: Love Will Keep Us Together) David James Elliott, Sharon Case, Madison Davenport, Will Shadley Movie Review

Dad's Home (2010)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Dad's Home

Advertising exec and widowed dad, Ben Westman (David James Elliott) finds himself being let go from the job he has had for twenty years. Whilst it is the last thing he wants it does mean that he will be able to spend more time with his children Lindsay (Madison Davenport) and Dylan (Will Shadley). He soon finds out how hard it is being a stay at home dad as he struggles with cooking, cleaning, shopping as well as various parenting issues. But being a full time parent also brings other benefits especially when he gets to meet Hope Jensen (Sharon Case), Dylan's pretty teacher. ... Read Review