Movie Trailer for Dancing at Lughnasa (1998) starring Meryl Streep, Catherine McCormack, Kathy Burke, Sophie Thompson, Brid Brennan, Michael Gambon, Rhys Ifans, Darrell Johnston directed by Pat O'Connor Movie Review

Dancing at Lughnasa (1998)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Dancing at Lughnasa

As Michael Mundy (Darrell Johnston) reminisces he remembers the summer of 1936, a summer that changed his family for every. Having been raised by his mother Chrissy (Catherine McCormack) and her 4 sisters their home was varied as eldest sister Kate (Meryl Streep - Marvin's Room) was the moral disciplinarian whilst Maggie (Kathy Burke - Love, Honour and Obey) did her best to keep the home running. With their only brother, Jack (Michael Gambon - Toys), returning from 25 years working as a missionary in Africa they are all excited, although Jack's arrival is surprising as not only is he unwell and often delusional he has also lost some of his Christian beliefs. And Jack is not the only visitor that summer as Michael's father Gerry (Rhys Ifans) pays one of his fleeting visits before heading off to Spain. As the summer pans out there is plenty of fun but there is also sorrow and as times change so do the Mundy's in quite dramatic fashion. ... Read Review