Movie Trailer for Dear Frankie (2004) starring Emily Mortimer, Gerard Butler, Jack McElhone, Mary Riggans, Sharon Small directed by Shona Auerbach Movie Review

Dear Frankie (2004)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Dear Frankie

Having spent the best part of his life on the move 9 year old Frankie (Jack McElhone) only knows his dad through the letters they regularly exchange. Every few weeks a letter arrives for him from his dad containing exotic stamps and tales of the various countries he visits as a sailor on the HMS Accra. But the truth is Frankie's mother, Lizzie (Emily Mortimer - Bright Young Things), has been sending the letters hiding the truth about Frankie's violent dad from him. But when she learns that the HMS Accra is going to be docking at the port they now live by she decides to carry on with the masquerade and finds a stranger (Gerard Butler - One More Kiss) who is willing to pretend to play daddy for a day. ... Read Review