Movie Trailer for Eve of Destruction (2013) Steven Weber, Christina Cox, Treat Williams, Aleks Paunovic, Colin Lawrence, Jessica McLeod, Leah Gibson Movie Review

Eve of Destruction (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for Eve of Destruction

Scientists Dr. Karl Dameron (Steven Weber - The Twelve Days of Christmas Eve) and Dr. Rachel Reed (Christina Cox) work for Proteus owned by the charismatic Max Salinger (Treat Williams - Beyond the Blackboard) who despite the positive front is relying on their project to save him from financial ruin. That project is to create a new source of power using a particle accelerator something which environmental group P53 want to stop as they hate Proteus. With Salinger desperate for it to work he is prepared to cover up any problems within the project and push on despite concerns from both Dameron and Reed. And through Salinger's selfish attitude he causes a major disaster which power engineer Ruslan (Aleks Paunovic) is well aware of having seen the disastrous effects of what an accelerator can do when it caused the total destruction of his home town in Russia ten years earlier. ... Read Review