Movie Trailer for Flower Drum Song (1961) starring Jack Soo, Nancy Kwan, James Shigeta, Benson Fong, Miyoshi Umeki, Kam Tong, Juanita Hall directed by Henry Koster Movie Review

Flower Drum Song (1961)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Flower Drum Song

Mei Li (Miyoshi Umeki) and her father have arrived in San Francisco having stowed away on a slow boat from China and now they are looking for Sammy Fong (Jack Soo) who Mei is due to marry thanks to her and Sammy's parents arranging it the traditional way. The trouble is that not only is Mei very traditional and Sammy modern but Sammy has had a long time thing with dancer Linda Low (Nancy Kwan - Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story). When Sammy tries to palm Mei off by suggesting to the honourable Wang Chi-Yang (Benson Fong) that Mei would make a perfect traditional bride for his song Wang Ta (James Shigeta - Die Hard) he thinks he has succeeded in getting rid of her except Wang Ta also likes modern ways and has a thing for Linda Low as well. ... Read Review