Movie Trailer for For the Moment (1993) starring Russell Crowe, Christianne Hirt, Wanda Cannon, Scott Kraft, Peter Outerbridge, Sara McMillan, Bruce Boa directed by Aaron Kim Johnston Movie Review

For the Moment (1993)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for For the Moment

Lachlan (Russell Crowe - American Gangster) is one of a group of young men sent to the training base near Manitoba, Canada during the summer of 1942 to train. Making friends with Johnny (Peter Outerbridge) who grew up nearby they go visit his sweetheart Kate (Sara McMillan) and her family including her married sister Lill (Christianne Hirt), whose husband is off fighting. But something happens as Lachlan and Lill feel something for each other, something which brings with it plenty of complications ... Read Review