Movie Trailer for Guess Who's Coming to Christmas (2013) Drew Lachey, MacKenzie Porter, Ellie Harvie, Peter LaCroix Movie Review

Guess Who's Coming to Christmas (2013)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Guess Who's Coming to Christmas

Rock star Dax (Drew Lachey) finds his already troubled image damaged even further when he wakes up in the driving seat of his car with a frozen turkey in the passenger seat and surrounded by the flashing bulbs of the swarming paparazzi. On a damage control mission his manager has Dax agree to spend a week in a small town and perform in the local Christmas concert which he reluctantly agrees to. But rather than some fancy hotel Dax has to live with Reverend Harding (Peter LaCroix) and his family including his daughter Kelly (MacKenzie Porter) who writes the blurb for children's book covers. But despite find life alien to what he is use to he begins to be charmed by the Christian family values and small town life and especially Kelly. ... Read Review

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