Movie Trailer for Hugo (2011) starring Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen, Asa Butterfield, Chlo Grace Moretz, Ray Winstone, Emily Mortimer, Christopher Lee, Helen McCrory, Michael Stuhlbarg, Frances de la Tour, Richard Griffiths, Jude Law directed by Martin Scorsese Movie Review

Hugo (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Hugo

Following the death of his father in a fire, twelve year old Hugo Cabret has moved into the walls of a Paris train station where he uses the skills his uncle taught him to keep the station's clocks running. When Hugo isn't scavenging food or picking up parts to keep the clocks running he is trying to repair an automaton which his father was working on before his death. His quest to make it work brings him to shop keeper George Melies (Ben Kingsley) and his goddaughter Isabelle (Chlo Grace Moretz) who becomes a friend to young Hugo and who shares an unlikely connection with the automaton. ... Read Review