Movie Trailer for Ice Quake (2010) Brendan Fehr, Holly Elissa, Jodelle Ferland, Victor Garber, Aaron Pearl Movie Review

Ice Quake (2010)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Ice Quake

It's Christmas Eve and Emily Webster (Holly Elissa - Polar Storm) wants the family to do some traditional stuff, not always easy as her husband, Michael (Brendan Fehr - Wrapped Up In Christmas), is a military geologist who doesn't know the meaning of "day off" and their teenage daughter, Tia (Jodelle Ferland - Pictures of Hollis Woods), would rather be with her friends than her parents. The only one who is up for the holiday stuff is their young son, Shane (Ryan Grantham), who, when they go into the Alaskan wilderness, packs enough gear for a fortnight. But it seems that Shane's eagerness may come in useful when due to an ice shelf collapsing in the Russian Arctic shockwaves from the Ice Quake hit the region and lead to a whole series of natural disasters which put the Webster family in deadly danger. But it is not just the Webster's who are in danger as a methane explosion threatens to destroy the planet unless they, with the help of Michael's superior, Colonel Bill Hughes (Victor Garber - The Music Man), can stop it. ... Read Review