Movie Trailer for Just Add Water (2008) starring Dylan Walsh, Jonah Hill, Justin Long, Danny DeVito, Tracy Middendorf, Melissa McCarthy, Anika Noni Rose directed by Hart Bochner Movie Review

Just Add Water (2008)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for Just Add Water

Ray Tuckby (Dylan Walsh - Lost Holiday: The Jim & Suzanne Shemwell Story) is a decent guy each day he goes to work as a parking attendant before returning home to Trona, a dust bowl which is owned by a meth dealing punk called Dirk (Will Rothhaar). His wife doesn't leave the house, his son wants to vandalize things and be taken to a prostitute and his neighbours are trash, about the only highlight in Ray's day is visiting the supermarket where he enjoys chatting to assistant Nora (Tracy Middendorf - Dying to Belong). But everything starts to change the day he comes home early to discover his brother in bed with his wife. ... Read Review