Movie Trailer for Local Hero (1983) starring Burt Lancaster, Peter Riegert, Fulton Mackay, Denis Lawson, Norman Chancer, Peter Capaldi, Alex Norton, Jenny Seagrove directed by Bill Forsyth Movie Review

Local Hero (1983)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for Local Hero

When the board of an American Oil Corporation decide they want to buy up an entire Scottish village to set up an oil refinery they send over 'Mac' MacIntyre (Peter Riegert - Animal House) to negotiate because he has a Scottish sounding name. But the CEO has another mission for Mac as he wants him to study the night sky for unusual things such as comets. Having reached the secluded village Mac soon discovers that the locals are very willing to sell, even the local vicar. But there is one problem and that is Ben Know (Fulton Mackay - Defence of the Realm) a beach comer who lives in a shack and actually owns the beach because he doesn't want to sell despite numerous offers and the pressure of the locals. ... Read Review