Movie Trailer for Meet the Santas (2005) starring Steve Guttenberg, Crystal Bernard, Dominic Scott Kay, Armin Shimerman, John Wheeler, Marcia Ann Burrs directed by Harvey Frost Movie Review

Meet the Santas (2005)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Meet the Santas

It's been a year since Nick (Steve Guttenberg - The Poseidon Adventure) turned Beth (Crystal Bernard) into a believer and asked her to marry him, but with Nick being busy preparing for Christmas they still haven't got around to tying the knot and until Beth becomes Mrs. Claus she cannot go to the North Pole to help. When Ernest (Armin Shimerman) spots a gap for them to marry on Christmas Eve it leaves them only 11 days to prepare the wedding and so Beth is forced to ask her mum, snobbish non believer Joanna (Mariette Hartley - California Man) to help, but that just leads to more problems especially as Beth starts to wonder whether she is good enough to be Mrs. Claus. ... Read Review

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