Movie Trailer for Mr. Lucky (1943) Cary Grant, Laraine Day, Charles Bickford, Gladys Cooper Movie Review

Mr. Lucky (1943)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Mr. Lucky

Joe Adams (Cary Grant) and Zepp (Paul Stewart) have plans to start a floating gambling business except they both get their draft cards through putting a kibosh on their plans. That is until Joe decides to switch places with the recently deceased Joe Bascopolous who wasn't drafted and sets about raising the money he needs to put the wheels in motion on the gambling business. That leads him to the pretty Dorothy Bryant (Laraine Day) who helps run the War Relief effort and who takes a shine to the charming Joe as he entertains her with Australian rhyming slang. But Joe finds himself torn because whilst he plans to scam her and the war effort at a charity effort his growing feelings for her complicate matters. ... Read Review