Movie Trailer for My Talks with Dean Spanley (2008) starring Jeremy Northam, Sam Neill, Bryan Brown, Peter O'Toole, Art Malik, Ramon Tikaram, Judy Parfitt directed by Toa Fraser Movie Review

My Talks with Dean Spanley (2008)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for My Talks with Dean Spanley

Since the death of his younger brother in the Boer war and shortly after his mother died, Henslowe Fisk (Jeremy Northam - Martin and Lewis) has fallen in to a routine of spending Thursdays with his curmudgeonly father Horatio (Peter O'Toole - Christmas Cottage). On this particular Thursday they go a lecture by a visiting swami (Art Malik) who is giving a talk on the transmigration of souls. It is there that they meet conveyancer Wrather (Bryan Brown - The Poseidon Adventure) and local clergyman, Dean Spanley (Sam Neill - Irresistible). As the day plays out Henslowe meets the Dean on two more occasions, firstly at his father's club where they discover the Dean has a penchant for Tokay wine and then again outside a church. Intrigued by the Dean's interest in reincarnation Henslowe calls on the services of Wrather to acquire some vintage Tokay wine in order to lure the Dean into having a meal with him. The meal with the aid of the wine starts to reveal curious memories of a previous life as a dog! ... Read Review