Movie Trailer for Movie Review - One Christmas Eve (2014) Anne Heche stars in this Christmas movie about a divorced mum who has a chaotic Christmas Eve thanks to a dog left on her doorstep Movie Review

One Christmas Eve (2014)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for One Christmas Eve

When Cesar (Carlos Gomez - Fools Rush In) tries to leave a puppy on the doorstep of the Blakemore resident it is the start of a Christmas Eve of chaos as Cesar slips and hurts himself. Finding Cesar, recently divorced Nell Blakemore (Anne Heche - Silver Bells), along with her children and the puppy, take Cesar to the hospital where firstly she has to contend with a jobs worth nurse, then a dishy doctor, then her son ending up lost on a construction site and her car towed away by a security guard doing his job and that is not the end of things. Well Nell wanted to make Christmas Eve special it will certainly be one she won't forget in a while ... Read Review

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