Movie Trailer for Rio Grande (1950) starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Ben Johnson, Claude Jarman Jr., Harry Carey Jr., Chill Wills, J. Carrol Naish, Victor McLaglen directed by John Ford Movie Review

Rio Grande (1950)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for Rio Grande

After days of riding the Mexican border Lt. Col. Kirby Yorke (John Wayne - True Grit) returns to discover that his estranged son, Jefferson (Claude Jarman Jr.), who he's not seen in 15 years has flunked out of West Point but soon has enlisted and is stationed at his outpost with 18 other young soldiers for training. But not only does he find his son but Kirby also discovers his estranged wife, Kathleen (Maureen O'Hara - The Quiet Man), has turned up determined to pay for their son's release from service, something which goes against Kirby's morals despite no really knowing his son. But his estrange family is not the only problems which concern Kirby as with Indians nearby father and son must face even greater danger. ... Read Review