Movie Trailer for Salem Falls (2011) James Van Der Beek, Sarah Carter, AJ Michalka, Rick Roberts, Peter MacNeill, James Thomas Movie Review

Salem Falls (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Salem Falls

Jack McBradden (James Van Der Beek - Taken in Broad Daylight) was once a popular teacher. That was until a teenager with a crush on him accused him of sexual assault which in turn led to a wrongful conviction. It is why he is looking for a fresh start and how he ends up in Salem Falls, well after he was accidentally run off the road late at night by a drunken Roy Peabody (Peter MacNeill) on his lawnmower. Not only does it lead to Jack meeting Roy's daughter Addie (Sarah Carter - Confessions of a Go-Go Girl) but also Jack working at her diner. But it seems history may be about to repeat itself when Gillian Duncan (AJ Michalka - Expecting Amish), a teen who likes to dabble with witchcraft, develops a crush on Jack and starts ramping up her spells. When Gillian learns that Jack and Addie are close she accuses Jack of raping her with it becoming a witch hunt with her dad leading things. ... Read Review