Movie Trailer for Stalking Elizabeth (2014) (aka: The Mentor) Jes Macallan, Aaron Douglas, Nic Bishop, Abigail Scott, Maggie Scott, Gerry Garcia, K. Danor Gerald, Renny Grames, Yolanda Wood Movie Review

Stalking Elizabeth (2014)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Stalking Elizabeth

It had been a wonderful snowy vacation for Elizabeth (Jes Macallan - An Uncommon Grace) and Brian (Nic Bishop) with their two children, that is until the accident on the way home which resulted in one of their daughters dying. With Brian unable to cope, moving out and seeking comfort in the bottom of a bottle, Elizabeth decides to return to work, finding a job as a teacher, which is what she had done before giving up work to be a full time mum. As it has been seven years since she was in the classroom Elizabeth is assigned a mentor in the form of Paul (Aaron Douglas - Killer Mountain). The thing is that whilst Paul is nice as pie when at school he has a dark, uncontrollable obsessive side with Elizabeth ending up being the object of his obsession. ... Read Review