Movie Trailer for The Case for Christmas (2011) Dean Cain, Rachel Blanchard, George Buza, Barry Flatman, Krista Bridges, Helen Colliander, Dylan Roberts Movie Review

The Case for Christmas (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for The Case for Christmas

Santa (George Buza) is already concerned that less and less people are believing in him when out of nowhere multi-millionaire businessman Braxton Bennett (Barry Flatman) decides to sue Santa for emotional distress for not getting what he wanted as a child. It is how Santa, aka Kris Kringle, heads to the city and to the court house where he meets Michael Sherman (Dean Cain - Small Town Santa), a struggling attorney and single father who has no spare time for romance yet alone fix up his classic car, which is why he hires Lauren (Rachel Blanchard - My Gal Sunday), an old school friend, to work on it. Thanks to his daughter Lily (Helen Colliander - Midnight Masquerade) not only does Michael agree to help Kris but also puts him up in his spare room. With Braxton looking to destroy Santa he also looks to destroy Michael who is struggling to defend Santa which in turn leads more people to stop believing in him. ... Read Review

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