Movie Trailer for The Far Country (1954) starring James Stewart, Ruth Roman, Corinne Calvet, Walter Brennan, John McIntire, Jay C. Flippen, Harry Morgan directed by Anthony Mann Movie Review

The Far Country (1954)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for The Far Country

Having driven his herd of cattle from Wyoming to Seattle and eluded arrest for murder when he takes them by steamer to Skagway, self centred loner Jeff Webster (James Stewart - The Glenn Miller Story) is not too happy when self appointed Skagway lawman Gannon (John McIntire - War Arrow) decides to confiscate them for a minor crime. But whilst helping Ronda Castle (Ruth Roman - Blowing Wild) travel across the border from Skagway to Dawson he decides to steal them back so he can sell them on. In Dawson and having sold his cattle to the highest bidder, Jeff decides to have a go at gold prospecting turning his back on the lawlessness which is starting to ruin the mining town of Dawson, that is until trouble lands on his doorstep. ... Read Review