Movie Trailer for The Perfect Girlfriend (2015) Adrienne Frantz, Jon Cor, Ashley Leggat, Scott Bailey, Jonathan Koensgen, Deborah Grover, Barry Blake, Brianna Barnes Movie Review

The Perfect Girlfriend (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for The Perfect Girlfriend

When Brandon Moore (Jon Cor - The Boy She Met Online) gets called back to the office during his lunch break the last thing he expected was getting a promotion which would mean transferring to another office in Portland, 3000 miles away from NYC and his girlfriend Jensyn (Ashley Leggat - Charming Christmas). But that is exactly what happens when Simone Matthews (Adrienne Frantz - I Married Who?) offers him the chance of setting up his own team in a new office. Whilst not happy about being away from Jensyn he promises to make their long distance work, unfortunately someone else wants to cause it to fail. That someone is Simone who sets out to make Brandon her boyfriend and masquerades online as Jensyn to destroy their long distance relationship. ... Read Review