Movie Trailer for The Ron Clark Story (2006) (aka: The Triumph) Matthew Perry, Melissa De Sousa, Hannah Hodson, Brandon Smith, Ernie Hudson, Jacey Mah Movie Review

The Ron Clark Story (2006)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for The Ron Clark Story

Four years after taking up a temporary teaching post in his home town Ron Clark (Matthew Perry - Three to Tango) decides it's time to take a risk and heads off to Harlem in search of work teaching in an inner school. Having been forced to work part time at a theme restaurant whilst finding a teaching job he finally gets an opportunity to teach a class of no hopers and rebels at the Inner Harlem Elementary School. At first Ron struggles to get through to the rebellious kids, but his unorthodox approach slowly works but causes issues with both the schools Principal and the parents of his class. But none of it will matter unless he can get his class to pass their exams. ... Read Review