Movie Trailer for The Tall T (1957) starring Randolph Scott, Richard Boone, Maureen O'Sullivan, Arthur Hunnicutt, Skip Homeier, Henry Silva, John Hubbard directed by Budd Boetticher Movie Review

The Tall T (1957)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for The Tall T

After losing his horse in a bet, rancher Pat Brennan (Randolph Scott - 7th Cavalry) hitches a ride on the stage carrying newly weds Willard (John Hubbard) and Doretta Mims (Maureen O'Sullivan). But when they reach the swing station they come face to face with 3 outlaws. Squirming for his life Willard tells the outlaws lead by Frank Usher (Richard Boone - Man Without a Star) that Doretta's father is wealthy and will pay handsomely for her return and so with one of the outlaws he heads back to town to deliver the ransom note, leaving Pat and Doretta to get close till they return. ... Read Review