Movie Trailer for The Train Robbers (1973) starring John Wayne, Ann-Margret, Rod Taylor, Ben Johnson, Christopher George, Bobby Vinton, Jerry Gatlin, Ricardo Montalban directed by Burt Kennedy Movie Review

The Train Robbers (1973)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for The Train Robbers

Old cowboy Lane (John Wayne - The Cowboys) puts together a small band of men to help the widow Mrs. Lowe (Ann-Margret - Viva Las Vegas) retrieve a fortune in gold that her husband stole. But instead of keeping it she wants to return it to the rightful owner to give her and her son a fresh start. The only trouble is that Mrs. Lowe is not the only one who is after the gold and there is a group of cowboys hot on their trail as they head south in search of an abandoned train which holds the gold. ... Read Review