Movie Trailer for Ultimate Betrayal (1994) Marlo Thomas, Mel Harris, Kathryn Dowling, Ally Sheedy, Henry Czerny Movie Review

Ultimate Betrayal (1994)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Ultimate Betrayal

As she has resorted to sleeping in her car because of the nightmares which have kept her awake in her home Sharon Rodgers (Marlo Thomas - Two Against Time) is struggling, struggling with her family with their problems but also problems from her own childhood. Sharon is not the only one as her sister Mary (Ally Sheedy - Short Circuit) is also having problems and is seeing a therapist whilst also planning to sue their father for the abuse both mental and physical which has left her in a suicidal mess. But their other sisters were also subject to their father's abuse and as they try to face these facts they decide to take their father, a respected former FBI man who was in charge of child abuse investigations, to court. ... Read Review