Movie Trailer for Von Ryan's Express (1965) starring Frank Sinatra, Trevor Howard, Raffaella Carr, Brad Dexter, Sergio Fantoni, Edward Mulhare, James Brolin, John Van Dreelen, Adolfo Celi directed by Mark Robson Movie Review

Von Ryan's Express (1965)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Von Ryan's Express

Having been shot down over Italy, Colonel Joseph Ryan (Frank Sinatra - Ocean's Eleven) is taken to a PoW camp where he finds himself the ranking officer in charge of a bunch of dishevelled prisoners. Immediately locking horns with British Major Fincham (Trevor Howard - Father Goose) as they differ in opinion over whether they should be trying to escape or not. But following a series of events they find themselves been put on a Prison Nazi prison train and decide that somehow they must take control in order to escape before being transferred to another PoW camp in Germany. ... Read Review