Movie Trailer for We've Got Christmas Mail (2010) Movie Review

We've Got Christmas Mail (2010)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for We've Got Christmas Mail

With the countdown to Christmas Kristi North (Ashley Scott - Holiday Road Trip) arrives at the mail office on a special assignment from corporate to respond to all the Santa letters which arrive at the depot. Depot manager Mr. Fuller (Lochlyn Munro - Falling for Christmas) suspects that Kristi is in fact a spy and orders postman Matt Sanders (A.J. Buckley - Doomsday Prophecy) to spy on her or else lose the job he needs as he looks after his orphaned niece Emily (Piper Mackenzie Harris). But things get complicated because not only does Kristi find herself replying to letters from Emily, which ask Santa to make her Uncle Matt happy, but Matt and Kristi start to fall for each other which can't be good with all these secrets going on. ... Read Review

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