Watch A Christmas Without Snow (1980) starring Michael Learned, John Houseman, James Cromwell, Valerie Curtin, Calvin Levels, Ruth Nelson, Ed Bogas directed by John Korty Movie Review

A Christmas Without Snow (1980)   3/53/53/53/53/5

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Having just moved to San Francisco recently divorcee Zoe Jensen (Michael Learned) finds it hard going because not only does she struggle to find work and something to fill her evenings but she also is missing her son who is staying with her mother whilst she tries to build some form of stability. It is through having nothing to do that she joins a church choir who under leadership of new choir master Ephraim Adams (John Houseman) are preparing to perform Handel's "Messiah" at a Christmas concert. But as the concert gets closer a series of issues jeopardize it from ever happening. ... Read Review

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