Watch Blue Steel (1934) starring John Wayne, Eleanor Hunt, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Edward Peil Sr., Yakima Canutt, Lafe McKee, George Cleveland directed by Robert N. Bradbury Movie Review

Blue Steel (1934)   3/53/53/53/53/5

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When Sheriff Jake (George 'Gabby' Hayes) stakes out an inn in the hope of catching the Polka Dot Bandit (Yakima Canutt) he thinks he strikes lucky when he spots a young man fleeing from the open safe. That young man is John Carruthers (John Wayne - The Lucky Texan) and whilst guilty of standing over the open safe isn't guilty of robbing it or being the Polka Dot Bandit. Having caught up with Carruthers Jake is on the verge of arresting him when Carruthers saves his life. Still suspicious of the young man they discover that wealthy businessman Malgrove (Edward Peil Sr.) is trying to buy up the local ranches for minimal money and is making life difficult by blocking supplies from getting through to town. With the rancher's on the verge of giving up, Carruthers and Sheriff Jake must work together to stop Malgrove from succeeding. ... Read Review