Watch Hell's House (1932) starring Bette Davis, Pat O'Brien, Junior Durkin, Frank Coghlan Jr., Emma Dunn, Charley Grapewin, Morgan Wallace directed by Howard Higgin Movie Review

Hell's House (1932)   3/53/53/53/53/5

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Following the death of his mother naive Jimmy Mason (Junior Durkin) heads to the city to live with his Uncle and Aunt live and it doesn't take him long to start idolizing their lodger Matt Kelly (Pat O'Brien - Some Like It Hot) who seems to know everyone and has a beautiful girl in Peggy (Bette Davis). It's because Jimmy idolizes Matt that when his bootlegging operation gets busted and Jimmy is arrested he refuses to spill the beans even when he gets sentenced to 3 years in Reform school, believing that somehow Matt will pull some strings to get him out. But whilst at the reform school Jimmy discovers the brutal truth of what goes on behind closed doors as the boys are treated like slaves and cruelly punished leading him to try and escape in order that not only people learn the truth but to also save his friend Shorty (Frank Coghlan Jr.) who is inside and very sick. ... Read Review