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The First of the Few (1942)   3/53/53/53/53/5

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Having worked for Supermarine Aviation Works designing various flying boats quickly working his way up to chief designer R.J. Mitchell (Leslie Howard - Gone with the Wind) had visions of designing a monoplane having studied the way birds fly and manoeuvre. Despite opposition he eventually forces through his design coming up with the Supermarine S.6B which his friend Geoffrey Crisp (David Niven - The Sea Wolves) agrees to test pilot. After achieving as much as he could with this plane Crisp, Mitchell and his wife take a holiday to Germany in 1939 where they become aware that Hitler is preparing to wage war which causes Mitchell to head back to the drawing board to design a plane which is like a bird that breathes fire and spits out death and destruction; A spitfire bird. ... Read Review