Watch Vengeance Valley (1951) starring Burt Lancaster, Robert Walker, Joanne Dru, Sally Forrest, John Ireland, Ray Collins, Hugh O'Brian directed by Richard Thorpe Movie Review

Vengeance Valley (1951)   3/53/53/53/53/5

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Having been taken in as a young boy and raised on his ranch as one of his own, Owen Daybright (Burt Lancaster - Field of Dreams) respects Arch Strobie (Ray Collins) for all that he has done for him and out of loyalty tries to keep and eye on Arch's son Lee (Robert Walker). It is because of this that when Lily Fasken (Sally Forrest) has an illegitimate child it is Owen who takes her food and money, because whilst Lee is the father Owen would rather protect Arch and Lee's wife Jen (Joanne Dru - She Wore a Yellow Ribbon) from the truth. But his good deed brings him a lot of trouble as Lily's brothers Dick (Hugh O'Brian) and Hub (John Ireland - Red River) suspect him of being the father and when Lee becomes jealous of Owen's relationship with his father and his friendship to Jen he sets about making sure that Dick and Hub get their hands on him. ... Read Review