Watch Wife and Auto Trouble (1916) starring William Collier Sr., Blanche Payson, Joseph Belmont, Alice Davenport, Mae Busch directed by Dell Henderson Movie Review

Wife and Auto Trouble (1916)   3/53/53/53/53/5

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Having once again come down to breakfast to find himself playing second fiddle to his brother-in-law (Joseph Belmont) thanks to a dominating mother-in-law (Alice Davenport) and a battle-axe of a wife (Blanche Payson) a meek husband (William Collier Sr.) heads off to work where he has been secretly carrying on with an office stenographer (Mae Busch). It just so happens that his brother also has a thing for the stenographer and seeing something going on tries to set his meek brother-in-law up. Things backfire and get even more complicated when a man shows up with a car at his office which the meek husband has to quickly explain that he brought for his wife but this leads to the involvement of the cops. ... Read Review