Tape Worm, Don't Bother

Sean Patrick Flanery in Mongolian Death Worm (2010)

Daniel (Sean Patrick Flanery - The Diamond Hunters), an adventurer who has spent his life searching for the tomb of Genghis Khan finds himself picking up medical student Alicia (Victoria Pratt - Her Fatal Flaw) and her friend when they become stranded in the middle of nowhere whilst working for a relief organisation. But Daniel and Alicia find themselves joining forces when they discover that a nearby drilling rig has disturbed a nest of Mongolian death worms which having woken not only go on the rampage, killing anything in their way but start to breed as well. Together the adventurer and medical student must find a way to stop these death worms even it means destroying everything that Daniel has been working for.

I wonder if there was ever a time that I would have come across a movie like "Mongolian Death Worm" and wondered whether it was going to be good. I don't think there was but I know as someone who often enjoys bad movies as much as good ones I would have never passed up on an opportunity to watch such a movie, in fact I know many years ago I paid good money to buy similar movies to "Mongolian Death Worm" on video.

Victoria Pratt in Mongolian Death Worm (2010)

Anyway, "Mongolian Death Worm" is a by the book deadly creature feature where we have a business and its owner inadvertently awakening the deadly creature but more concerned about business than people's lives. We have are lone wolf adventurer who is not adverse to dodging bullets and being chased. Plus of course you have the pretty woman for him to end up falling for by the time the movie ends despite antagonising each other when they first meet. As I said "Mongolian Death Worm" is by the book making it one of those movies you put on to watch but don't really end up watching it or at least concentrating on the plot.

But the truth is that "Mongolian Death Worm", whilst not a good movie, is certainly not the stinker that the title suggests it is going to be. Much of that comes down to the acting with both Sean Patrick Flanery and Victoria Pratt being watch-able and likeable despite both of their characters having an antagonistic side as well as bad dialogue to chew on. And when it comes to the special effects of these death worms, well of course they aren't great but some of the detailing is surprisingly impressive.

What this all boils down to is that "Mongolian Death Worm" is just a routine bit of made for TV horror involving in an ancient creature causing death and destruction. But the casting of Sean Patrick Flanery and Victoria Pratt helps not so much lift this but make it watch-able.

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