Evidence of Truth (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Andrea Roth in Evidence of Truth (2016) (aka: A Wife's Suspicion)

A Wife's Evidence

Ever since forensic investigator Renee (Andrea Roth) got together with Jack Murphy (Woody Jeffreys), a computer systems designer, things have been a little awkward with Detective Kyle Ferguson (Sebastian Spence) as not only had she been dating him but he was Jack's friend. But being professionals Renee and Kyle still work together at the Portland Police Department where they both work homicide, a subject close to Kyle's heart as a few years back he had been married but his wife was murdered and the case never solved. When they investigate a new murder there are elements to of it which are familiar and even point to someone close to Renee or could it be a set up.

Watching "Evidence of Truth" or "A Wife's Suspicion" as it is also known is frankly not the most riveting of experiences due to the simple fact it is pretty basic. There is a murder and as Renee investigates the evidence suggest maybe it is her new husband Jack but of course we wonder whether her ex Jack may have done it as he seems to have issues. But at the same time we also wonder whether maybe it is there colleague Morgan who is behind it as she acts in an unsubtle manner or even maybe it is Tim, Renee's lab assistant who is eager to help. Yes it toys with you and keeps you guessing a little but when a movie is this basic it needs something more to keep you entertained and sadly this doesn't have that anything extra.

Sebastian Spence in Evidence of Truth (2016) (aka: A Wife's Suspicion)

Instead of having something decent when it comes to the story, which you of course can guess will see Renee in danger before the movie is out, what it tries to entertain with is the cast. Now on one hand that means we have Andrea Roth delivering another solid performance but one which is ultimately quite familiar as if you have seen her do the same thing in a dozen other made for TV crime movies. And then there are the trio of Woody Jeffreys, Sebastian Spence and Meredith McGeachie all of who seem to have been told to play their characters with a touch of unsubtlety and whilst it is a little cheesy it does add to the whole guessing game aspect.

What this all boils down to is that "Evidence of Truth" is a pretty typical made for TV crime story which truth be told will entertain a certain type of audience who aren't fussed by realism or complexity. But the lack of subtlety in places is something which will either make or break this movie with it coming very close to breaking it for me.