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Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story

Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story (1995)

Surrounded by men who had been in the news industry for years Jessica Savitch (Sela Ward) is a force of nature as she is determined to succeed and has the endless energy to do so. From making sure she gets the scoop to analysing how she looks while reporting...


Rabid (1977)

When Rose (Marilyn Chambers) is involved in a horrific motorbike accident she is taken to a nearby hospital where a surgeon does radical new plastic surgery on her in order to save her life. And it is a success as Rose survives but something strange happened...

The Gay Falcon

The Gay Falcon (1941)

Elinor Benford (Nina Vale) wants her fiancee Gay Laurence (George Sanders), aka The Falcon, to give up other women and solving crime and has given him the ultimatum that he has three months to show he has changed his ways or their marriage is off. But for Ga...

Lady Behave

Lady Behave (1937)

When her sister Clarice (Patricia Farr) arrives home drunk, Paula (Sally Eilers) is less than happy but she is furious when Clarice mentions she got married last night despite already being married to someone else. To make matters worse the man Clarice marri...


Husk (2011)

Four friends and a girlfriend are heading off for their annual holiday together when driving along a road a murder of crows crash into the window screen causing them to crash into a corn field. When they come to they notice Johnny (Ben Easter) is no longer t...


Cromwell (1970)

Having grown tired of seeing the country he loves destroyed by the whims and policies of King Charles I (Alec Guinness), Oliver Cromwell (Richard Harris) is planning on leaving the country with his family for the New World. But Cromwell's mind is changed and...

The Player

The Player (1992)

Hollywood executive Griffin Mill's (Tim Robbins) job is non stop as where ever he goes someone is trying to pitch him their idea for a movie and whilst he can reject them he can only pass those he likes on to the next stage. It is why he has been receiving d...

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