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September Gun

September Gun (1983)

Despite everyone saying no Sister Dulcina (Patty Duke) plans to take a group of orphan Apache kids to the town of Columbine to set up an orphanage in an abandoned church. But it isn't a journey she can undertake on her own which is why she has written to old...

Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate (2016)

When Kelly (Cassie Steele) finds herself in an embarrassing car accident the auto call emergency service attached to the car rings up to help. On the end of the phone is Jeff (Ryan Kennedy) a widow who has only just started working for the phone line operato...

The Young Poisoner's Handbook

The Young Poisoner's Handbook (1995)

Graham (Hugh O'Conor) is many things; a school pupil, the son of a working class father but he is also incredibly smart with an avid interest in chemistry and the power of poisons. The trouble is that Graham has no real moral compass and so when someone cros...

The Perfect Roommate

The Perfect Roommate (2011)

With a failed marriage behind her Carrie Remington (Boti Bliss) is trying to make a fresh start with a job working as a waitress although it is a huge struggle. But her luck seems to change when she becomes friends with waitress Ashley Dunnfield (Ashley Legg...

The Montana Kid

The Montana Kid (1931)

With his son returning home Burke (John Elliott) is already celebrating and pretty drunk which is why he ends up losing money at cards with Chuck Larson (William L. Thorne). But not only does Larson cheat Burke out of his ranch, having him sign it over as an...

Columbo: Butterfly in Shades of Grey

Columbo: Butterfly in Shades of Grey (1994)

Fielding Chase (William Shatner) is a radio talk show host who has his opinions and doesn't suffer those with different opinions. As such when one of his colleagues, Gerry Winters (Winters), tries to help Chase's daughter Victoria (Molly Hagan) escape her fa...

I Killed My Mother

I Killed My Mother (2009)

Teenager Hubert Minel (Xavier Dolan) is a young gay man who lives with his mum Chantale (Anne Dorval), no father as his parents got divorced. But that means those feelings of anger which many a teenager has towards their parents whilst growing up for not und...

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