Nicholle Tom's a Body Double

Fatal Performance (2013) Nicholle Tom

Having refused to take her top off for a movie, struggling actress Dana Tilly (Nicholle Tom) finds herself back relying on her waitressing job to try and make ends meet. But then she finds herself with a lucrative and unusual job offer; play the part of businessman Mark Thomas' (Steve Bacic) wife Lisa (Emilie Ullerup) as whilst the real Lisa needs to be in another city for a business meeting Mark needs her to play host to investors in his business. But following the gig Dana isn't paid, her agent goes missing and someone tries to kill her. As Dana tries to make sense of what is going on she discovers things are a lot more deadly than she could have ever imagined especially when the police begin to doubt what she tells them.

I don't think there is a movie fan alive who doesn't have their favourite actors and actresses and it doesn't always end up being the best in the business. For me I have always liked Nicholle Tom as an actress ever since watching her in "Beethoven" and whilst she isn't the greatest actress in the world she has something about her which makes her easy to watch and likeable. It is for me Nicholle Tom's likeable nature that helps "Fatal Performance" to be watchable as this is one of those modern made for TV movies which has the distinct feeling of being rushed from start to finish and frankly below par.

Steve Bacic and Emilie Ulleru in Fatal Performance (2013)

Now I am not going to go in to much detail about what goes on in "Fatal Performance" for the simple reason this is one of a breed of modern thrillers which is more interested in trying to create impact than delivering a believable or logical story. As such I will say that from start to finish this is seriously far fetched with Dana being hired to play the part of a wife and then finding herself in danger and so on. And in typical fashion Dana decides to turn Nancy Drew, something which every woman in a TV thriller seems to do, in order to try and solve the case which means even more danger just as the movie comes close to the 90 minute mark.

What this all boils down to is that "Fatal Performance" is completely typical of modern made for TV thrillers. And as such it is an easy on the eye movie but one which is far fetched and is forgettable with nothing about it standing out from the countless other TV thrillers which feature a woman in danger turning amateur detective.

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