Marriage of Lies (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

April Bowlby in Marriage of Lies (2016) (aka: Presumed)

A Missing Marriage

Rachel (April Bowlby) believes everything is fine with her marriage to Tye (Brody Hutzler) even though he has been struggling since his mother passed away a couple of months earlier. It is why when one day Tye goes missing she thinks he just needed his space and doesn't panic until 2 days later when her friend Jessica (Virginia Williams) insists she calls the police. When Gus (Corin Nemec), a detective, comes to speak to Rachel he is not convinced that she is telling him the truth and suspects she might be involved in his disappearance. But when Gus speaks to Tye's students at the school some other things don't seem right to him.

"I don't care" is the problem which "Marriage of Lies" has as it throws you in with next to no build up and no character establishment. But it is intentional because "Marriage of Lies" is about the revelations and then reading between the lines to cause you to question what it looks like is going on. For example after learning that Tye's students refer to him by his first name we learn that Rachel was hospitalized with depression after as miscarriage and when she came out of hospital things were not the same between them. As such the movie wants us to wonder whether whilst she was hospitalized he met someone else. But the failure to establish characters causes the "I Don't Care" issue and from then on you are struggling.

Corin Nemec in Marriage of Lies (2016) (aka: Presumed)

Now in fairness the plot to "Marriage of Lies" has so many possibilities that whilst you don't care you do keep watching. Part of that comes from the movies familiarity as you wonder whether her friend Jessica is involved in this or maybe the student who seems to have a crush on her teacher or maybe Rachel has split personalities. And because everyone involved in this tends to over play their part with exaggerated eye movements you can't be 100% sure on which way it is going to go. On the subject of those involved this is one of those movies where the actors are on the good looking side of things.

What this all boils down to is that "Marriage of Lies" is another typical Lifetime movie where a woman suspected of being involved in her husband's disappearance sets about trying to find out what happened on her own.