About The Movie Scene

Hi, my name is Andy Webb and I am the owner of The Movie Scene, I am the guy who has written all the movie reviews you will find on here and also the code for the site. Believe it or not I am also a Christian although admittedly I have been someone who up until recently has certainly not allowed God or the Bible to influence the sort of movies I watch or what I write about them. It is for that reason that after some time I have decided to add this about me to The Movie Scene as recently (January 2018) things have changed in my life and I have felt God calling me to not only put things in order when it comes work and what I have written on The Movie Scene but to make a statement over my faith.

What that means is that whilst I am still going to be adding new reviews to The Movie Scene I will for some time be focussing on going over all the reviews I have written as truthfully most of them have been written not as a Christian. Yes that means I am going to go through over 9500 reviews and will be praying for guidance over what to do with each of those reviews, whether they need completely re-writing or just some minor changes.

Whilst I am sure there will be some who might question my sanity I hope there will be many Christians who will see what I am doing and will pray for me as under God's guidance I rework this site. What I ask is for those who do not believe please do not abandon the site as whilst you may not share my beliefs I am still a passionate movie fan and I want to share that passion with you through my reviewing and movie choices.

I have only one thing left to say and it is a scripture which came to me after a lot of soul searching, praying and having decided to commit my work on The Movie Scene to God and it is as follows:

Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed
Proverbs 16:3 (NLT)