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Kimberley Crossman in The Other Mother (2017) (aka: Sinister Stepmother)

All About Tiffany

When her daughter, Brooke (Kennedy Tucker) returns from a trip abroad with her father, Mitch (Tyler Christopher), Jackie (Annie Wersching) is stunned to meet Mitch's new wife, Tiffany (Kimberley Crossman). Not only did Jackie not know that Mitch was dating but that Tiffany is a lot younger than him. But it leads to Jackie struggling to deal with the situation especially when Tiffany's influence starts to lead to issues between her and Brooke. But events cause Jackie to question who Tiffany really is?

I think that it wasn't even the 20 minute mark when "The Other Mother", also known as "Sinister Stepmother", showed it cards and we see that Tiffany has a psychotic side, trust me don't give this young woman with a squeaky voice a meat cleaver. But at that point we can guess exactly how the rest of the movie is going to play out. Firstly we will have people saying that Jackie's suspicion of Tiffany is jealousy and then we see Tiffany manipulating things and becoming increasingly devious and dangerous in the way she gets things her way.

What this means is that "The Other Mother" is not one of the most subtle made for TV movies you will ever watch but it is certainly entertaining with a lot of nice location shots. But this is a movie which rests firmly on the shoulders of Kimberley Crossman who plays Tiffany on just the wrong side of being over the top. It means with her squeaky voice and smile which often masks a glare she ends up enjoyable false. I wish I could say that the rest of the performances have some thing special about them or the storyline does but the truth is that it is Kimberley Crossman as Tiffany.

What this all boils down to is that "The Other Mother" is nothing special due to it being to open in what is going on to soon. But thanks to an entertaining performance from Kimberley Crossman this one ends up strangely entertaining even if it all feels a bit too generic.