Fatal Friends (2015) (aka: The Wrong Girl) Jamie Luner, Kirsten Prout, Sarah Grey, Nels Lennarson, Dominika Juillet directed by Jason Bourque Movie Review

Fatal Friends (2015)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jamie Luner and Sarah Grey in Fatal Friends (2015) (aka: The Wrong Girl)

Flawed Friends

Sophia Allen (Sarah Grey - Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love) has dedicated her life to playing the piano and hopes, one day, to earn a place in a prestigious music school, but her dedication has come at a cost as she has never had time to make many friends. Whilst the school music teacher is concerned that Sophia has no friends her parents Dylan (Nels Lennarson - She Made Them Do It) and Ashley (Jamie Luner - The Cheating Pact) are quick to mention friends at church. But things take a surprising turn when Michelle (Kirsten Prout - Social Nightmare), a new girl at school, befriends Sophia, much to Ashley's concern as she senses something is not quite right when it comes to her not that Sophia is going to listen as she finally has a friend. That is of course until Sophia becomes aware that Michelle is not all she seems to be.

I reckon 10 years ago when I first started to watch made for TV movies I might have enjoyed "Fatal Friends", or "The Wrong Girl" which it also goes by. I may have even found it captivating with this story of an unhinged teenager befriending a musical prodigy only for her psychotic side to start to show. But since then I have stumbled across the theme of a friend or colleague who turns out to be a dangerous psycho many a time and frequently in made for TV movies. It means from the minute Michelle arrives and gives us the first of many sinister stares you can guess the rest of "Fatal Friends" with only the motive for her psychotic behaviour being the only thing close to a mystery.

Kirsten Prout in Fatal Friends (2015) (aka: The Wrong Girl)

Now being familiar wouldn't be an issue if the presentation of "Fatal Friends" wasn't so cheesy. From those ridiculous stares of a psycho to slow motion running and cheesy friendship stuff it borders on the painful. And that is not the worst of it as without giving too much away there is a scene where Michelle tricks a teacher in to doing what she wants by seducing him. Ironically this cheesy side could have worked if it wasn't for the fact all the cast are taking "Fatal Friends" seriously, if only they had embraced the cheese and the cliche it could have ended up being enjoyably bad rather than just boring and struggling to be ordinary.

It is a sad thing to say but the most memorable things about "Fatal Friends" is that Sarah Grey is beautiful whilst Kirsten Prout looks comically over the top with the big glasses, wearing bright red lipstick and tiny shorts. And as for Jamie Luner who seems to get top billing, well she ends up with not a great deal to do with the focus of "Fatal Friends" being on the younger cast members.

What this all boils down to is that "Fatal Friends" ends up a made for TV movie for teens who haven't watched a lot of made for TV movies and so won't be familiar with the storyline. For anyone else, well it is over the top but sadly done in a serious manner which doesn't work and the only thing keeping you watching is to understand Michelle's motive for choosing Sophia.