The Movie Scene's Pick of the Age Gap Movies

She was the older woman, experienced and seductive he was the young nervous student full of energy and innocence but something just clicked between them. That is one of the various storylines I have come across when it comes to age gaps movies, those where the age difference between the couple is enough to cause issues down the line and in my experience often features the younger man and the older woman. But these movies come in various shapes and sizes and so here is The Movie Scene's pick of the age gap movies.

1 - All That Heaven Allows (1955)

All That Heaven Allows (1955)

Following the death of her husband Cary Scott (Jane Wyman) has led a quiet life occasionally being persuaded to go out with friends to the club whilst her grown up children tend to visit on weekends. But things change when she becomes friends with Ron Kirby (Rock Hudson), the young man who comes twice a year to tend her trees and has a real passion for what he does. But whilst their friendship turns to romance it brings issues as not only is Ron a lot younger that Cary but he doesn't mingle in the same circles as her. With her friends and children making it very clear that they don't approve of this relationship Cary has to chose between her own feelings and pleasing others.

"All That Heaven Allows" may be just a familiar take on the May to December storyline but it is an older movie which has the classic Hollywood touch about it with both Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson giving it that sense of star power. Plus with Douglas Sirk directing it is a gorgeous looking movie with beautiful scenery, colouring and a wintry setting which brings out the movie's warmth... All That Heaven Allows movie review

2 - White Palace (1990)

White Palace (1990)

Following the death of his young wife Max (James Spader) is struggling to move on and whilst he goes out with his friends he would rather be elsewhere. That is until one night he ends up going to a bar, getting drunk and ending up at the home of Nora (Susan Sarandon) a more mature woman who takes advantage of him being drunk. But whilst Max is a young, high flying advertising exec and Nora is a more mature waitress in a fast food joint they end up becoming romantically involved. But not only does their age difference bother Max but also what she does when it comes to Nora meeting his friends.

Those who have seen "White Palace" may be able to guess what is coming next as trust me this age difference movie is memorable primarily for the scene where Nora takes advantage of a drunk Max with him waking up to her performing a sex act on him. But whilst this sex scene featuring Susan Sarandon and James Spader sticks in your mind what I like about this age gap movie is the focus on Max's emotions as he struggles with what his friends think of his older woman not only because of the age difference but also their difference in social status... White Palace movie review

3 - Class (1983)

Class (1983)

Jonathan (Andrew McCarthy) is the new kid in school having won a scholarship to a prestigious prep school and being the new kid falls foul of some pranks by his room mate Skip (Rob Lowe) who locks him out whilst wearing women's lingerie. But despite the rough star Skip and Jonathan become best buds as the wealthy Skip decides he is going to help Jonathan lose his virginity by giving him the money to head to the city for the weekend to do the deed. And that is what Jonathan does when he heads to Chicago and ends up being seduced by Ellen (Jacqueline Bisset) an older woman. But it doesn't stop there and every opportunity that Jonathan gets he returns to the city to spend weekends with Ellen. But when Skip invites Jonathan to spend Christmas with him and his family he and Skip are in for a shock as Jonathan discovers he has been sleeping with his best friend's mum.

Okay "Class" is not a great age gap movie but when you have Andrew McCarthy and Rob Lowe in a movie which sees one student bedding their best friends mum you know that it is going to be more about the teen fun than the complexities of the situation. And that is what you get from the word go as for the first half "Class" is like a teen comedy switching focus and attempting to embrace the drama when Skip discovers Jonathan has been sleeping with his mum... Class movie review

4 - The Rebound (2009)

The Rebound (2009)

Sandy (Catherine Zeta-Jones) thought her marriage was good, that was until she decided to watch the video of her young son's birthday party and in the background could see her husband being unfaithful. With her children she leaves and moves to New York City to start a new life as single forty something mum. It is whilst getting organized she meets twenty something Aram (Justin Bartha) who is already go through a divorce of his own. When Sandy needs someone to help with her kids it is Aram who comes to her rescue and with her kids liking him they start dating. But they can't get away from the age difference with it causing each of them to contemplate what they really want in a relationship.

90% of "The Rebound" is typical of the age-gap movie genre with the usual issues of the age difference being a barrier to the relationship of Sandy and Aram. But for the first three quarters of the movie the tone of "The Rebound" is romantic comedy and it has plenty of date movie laughs, nothing special just nicely worked romantic comedy when it comes to a single mum dating a younger man. But what "The Rebound" has is a twist when it comes to the ending which leads you on a bit of a merry dance... The Rebound movie review

5 - Dancing at the Harvest Moon (2002)

Dancing at the Harvest Moon (2002)

English teacher Maggie Webber "Jacqueline Bisset" is dealt a blow when she not only learns that he husband has been cheating on her with his secretary but it isn't the first time he has been unfaithful. Suddenly after almost a quarter of century of marriage nothing seems certain she decides to head up to the lakes where she had some wonderful times as a teenager including her first love Patrick Fleming. Discovering that the old dance hall she use to love is in disrepair she takes out a loan and decides to fix it up with the help of a local handyman. To her surprise the young man who comes to help is John Keats (Eric Mabius), Patrick's son who looks a lot like his late father. It causes Maggie issues as she finds herself falling in love with John, but is it John she is falling for or that he reminds her of her first true love.

"Dancing at the Harvest Moon" is a bit of a curve ball when it comes to age gap romantic dramas as whilst it features those typical elements you associate with the genre such as issues when it comes to age it has a rather unique angle. The whole falling in love with your first love's son who reminds you of when you were younger is unique and gives this made for TV movie an unusual but engaging angle. And as "Dancing at the Harvest Moon" is a made for TV movie it has a much softer tone than you normally get giving it a sleepy beauty... Dancing at the Harvest Moon movie review