10 Year Reunion (2016) (aka: Perfect Life, Perfect Lies) Kacey Clarke, Kayla Ewell, Jillian Nelson, Anya Engel-Adams, Johnny Pacar, Bryce Durfee, Abigail Klein, Thea Gill Movie Review

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10 Year Reunion (2016) (aka: Perfect Life, Perfect Lies)

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Back in Harmony, when they were at high school together, best friends; Carly (Kacey Clarke), Patty (Kayla Ewell - How Not to Propose), Rose (Jillian Nelson), and Erica (Anya Engel-Adams) created a time capsule containing their secrets and desires. Now, 10 years later, they are all returning for the Harmony High reunion with a plan to dig up the capsule and catch up. But for Carly there is some thing she needs to get to the bottom of, the death of their friend Abby (Abigail Klein) who was against drugs but died from supposedly mixing alcohol and drugs at their high school graduation party.

I don't remember when it was but at some point in my movie loving life I realised that the same stories do the rounds, cropping up every few years with a current cast to appeal to a current audience. What that means is that when for example I watched "10 Year Reunion", which also goes by the name "Perfect Life, Perfect Lies", I found myself looking through my reviews for a movie which it reminded me of. That movie was "Lies Between Friends" which like this sees old friends coming together for an event but find the mystery of an old death weighing heavily over some of them.

10 Year Reunion (2016) (aka: Perfect Life, Perfect Lies)

What that really means is that "10 Year Reunion" runs to the usual formula of most TV movies as we have Carly trying to get to the bottom of what happened all those years earlier and discovering not only was there a cover up but some of her friends lied. And of course there is some inevitable danger as there are those who want things from the past kept secret. Yes there is some ingenuity to this with a video element from beyond the grave as we learn that Abby had a sense that there were those who would have prefered her dead. But "10 Year Reunion" still sticks to the traditional formula of secrets, lies and danger, well far fetched danger with a dangerous figure in a gardening outfit.

Sadly what this all means is that from a storyline point of view "10 Year Reunion" is not the most captivating and the thing you end up remembering about it is that actresses trying to act like teenage best friends often come across as not just being over the top but ridiculously fake. I won't single anyone out because sadly pretty much everyone in "10 Year Reunion" struggles to bring the high school best friends part of the story to life in a convincing manner.

What this all boils down to is that "10 Year Reunion" is many things; it is a TV movie which uses the same sort of storyline which has done before, it is a TV movie which runs to a pretty predictable formula, and it is a TV movie which suffers with some weak acting. But truth be told, if you enjoy the familiar, easy to watch nature of a TV movie "10 Year Reunion" will be an okay distraction.