A Christmas Kiss (2011) starring Elisabeth Röhm, Laura Breckenridge, Brendan Fehr, Jerrika Hinton directed by John Stimpson Movie Review

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Laura Breckenridge in A Christmas Kiss (2011)

Breckenridge is a Christmas Working Girl

Wendy Walton (Laura Breckenridge) is a talented interior designer except she has found herself working as the assistant to the prestigious Priscilla Hall (Elizabeth Röhm) who calls on her at any time of the day to do menial assistant jobs. It is following having her fun glitter night out with the girls ruined by Priscilla's demands that Wendy meets a handsome stranger in an elevator and shares a moment of passion. The next day when called upon by Priscilla to do more menial jobs she meets the stranger again except she discovers the stranger is Adam Hughes (Brendan Fehr), Priscilla's wealthy boyfriend who she plans to marry because of his social standing and money. Disappointed that Adam didn't recognize her without the glitter Wendy is even more annoyed when she watches Priscilla taking credit for one of her designs but is too timid to stand up to her boss. But over the next few days as Wendy and Adam end up working together they both realise there is something between them, but Priscilla has only one thing on her mind.

I am going to give "A Christmas Kiss" a little bit of credit because when it started with Wendy sharing a passionate kiss with her boss's boyfriend whilst being the under appreciated assistant I was expecting this to be nothing more than a Christmas rip-off of "Working Girl" but it wasn't. In fact "A Christmas Kiss" feels like a cacophony of things with a bit of this movie, a touch of that one and a smidgeon of another and as such whilst it feels familiar and ultimately predictable when it comes to the outcome, well it is a Christmas movie with that romantic fairytale theme.

Elisabeth Röhm in A Christmas Kiss (2011)

But whilst I appreciate that "A Christmas Kiss" mixed up the themes it drew upon the final product didn't do a great deal for me. Trying to put my finger on things as to why it didn't do it for me started with a lack of gloss as it just felt like this was rushed out and so didn't have that finesse. That maybe down to when it was filmed as not once did it feel like it had the Christmas magic going on and whilst I don't know when it was filmed I wouldn't be surprised if it was filmed mid summer or early on in the year.

Then there is the acting and unfortunately that feeling of false comes across again with Brendan Fehr coming cross at odds with everything right from the first awkward elevator scene. On the right side of being false is Elisabeth Röhm who does an okay job of coming across as scheming and diva-ish without it being too pantomime. But then there is Laura Breckenridge and she is cute and nice and everything her character is intended to be but for me she is far too timid.

What this all boils down to is that sadly "A Christmas Kiss" left me under whelmed as whilst it hit all the marks when it came to what was expected it lacks that Christmas vibe which is essential for me and leaves it feeling like a manufactured Christmas movie.

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