A Christmas Star (2015) Rob James-Collier, Suranne Jones, Bronagh Waugh, Erin Galway-Kendrick Movie Review

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Erin Galway-Kendrick and James Stockdale in A Christmas Star (2015)

A Different Snow Globe Christmas

Noelle (Erin Galway-Kendrick) was born on Christmas Day in a stable as there was a power cut as her mum went in to labour and as her parents drove to the hospital they were forced to take shelter where they could. As the years pass Noelle grows to believe she has a special gift as when ever there are arguments going on all she does is have to focus on love and the situation calms down. But there is trouble a foot as Pat McKerrod (Rob James-Collier), a former resident of Pottersglen who works for wealthy businessman Mr. Shepherd (Pierce Brosnan), plans to deceitfully take control of the pottery and demolish it. With everyone in the village, including her parents, relying on the pottery for work Noelle plans to use her special ability and the help of her friends to save the day.

Christmas time is a time of many things; forgiving others, gift giving and if you are a Christmas movie fan a time to remember that not all Christmas movies are made with adults in mind. That brings me to "A Christmas Star", an independent production which has a considerable number of familiar names involved from former Bond Pierce Brosnan to Suranne Jones of Dr. Foster and Coronation Street fame. There are even some names which those who are fans of Downton Abbey will be familiar with but whilst there are all these names which grown ups will know this isn't a movie for grown ups, nope this is a movie for young teens who won't mind that some of the acting is not the most subtle.

Anyway with that said "A Christmas Star" is simple as it is another movie which reworks the "Local Hero" idea hut here with a businessman trying to deceptively buy up a business to get rid of it as it is in the way of his bigger plans. But with this being a children's movie we have the children ganging together to try and stop it form happen because no one listens to young Noelle's fears over what will happen to the pottery. The thing is that whilst "A Christmas Star" has a tone and style more in tune with a young audience I am not sure they will get the story or enjoy it all the time as it does have several moments of not so much darkness but drama and doesn't always have the energy you expect from a children's movie.

What this all boils down to is that "A Christmas Star" is one of those movies which might entertain young teens but for me it has a limited appeal. It also, despite having Christmas in the title, is not really a Christmas movie, using it more as a backdrop to things rather than the focus.

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