A Dream of Christmas (2016) Nikki DeLoach, Andrew W. Walker, Lisa Durupt, Paul Essiembre Movie Review

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Nikki DeLoach in A Dream of Christmas (2016)

A Penny & A Wish at Christmas

Christmas is coming and things are not going too great for Penny (Nikki DeLoach - Christmas Land); she's been passed over for a promotion at the ad agency where she works whilst her husband Stuart (Andrew W. Walker - Dashing Through the Snow), having promised his trips to photograph nature for his book are over, is heading back up to Alaska for more photos. It leads to Penny beginning to question what her life would have been like if she had never met Stuart let alone married him. After taking a tumble whilst putting an angel on top of the Christmas tree Penny wakes up to find herself in a World where she had never married Stuart and life is different to the one she knows from artificial trees to having her dream job. But as she gets use to this version of this life she discovers herself trying to connect with Stuart in it.

Gather round one and all let me tell you about that movie where the lead wonders what their life would have been like if they had made a different decision. Now excuse me a moment as I try to work out exactly which movie I am on about as I have lost count of the number of "What If" movies I have watched over the years especially when it comes to Christmas movies. Of course I could mention "It's a Wonderful Life" and "The Family Man" but I could also mention the TV movie "The Christmas Clause" or.... Well I could go on because all these movies deliver someone experiencing a different version of their life, in this one it is one when a different decision leads to an amazingly different life.

Anyway what that means is that "A Dream of Christmas" is in some ways familiar as Penny not only finds herself in this alternative version of her life but discovers that this all came about because of a wish and an angel who granted it. Now in fairness there are some amusing ideas thrown into "A Dream of Christmas" such as Penny meeting the handsome Andrew in this alternate life and Penny finding herself torn as she still feels it would be cheating even though in this version of her life she has never met Stuart. But the best is that even though she has her wish granted she finds herself wanting Stuart in her life and sets about connecting with him.

Now I could go on and mention the lights and decorations which fill this movie whilst also mention that "A Dream of Christmas" has the usual good looking cast, some of who you might have seen in other Hallmark Christmas movies. But what I will say is that "A Dream of Christmas" does a nice job of highlighting the importance of your life and the decisions you make in relation to other people's lives let alone your own.

What this all boils down to is that "A Dream of Christmas" does take what is one of the most often used ideas when it comes to made for TV Christmas movies and brings some nice ideas to the mix. But in the end it still is another "What If" movie and a Hallmark Christmas movie at that.

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