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A Gift Wrapped Christmas (2015)

Making it Personal

Gwen (Meredith Hagner) is a professional personal shopper who when a pregnant colleague needs to slow down due to her pregnancy takes over her top client, widowed father Charlie (Travis Milne) who is also a workaholic. When Gwen starts doing his shopping for him she not only clashes with the stuck in his way Charlie but gets to meet his young son, Owen (Anthony Bolognese) and quickly realises that what Owen would love most is to spend more time with his dad. Despite not getting off to a great start Gwen makes it her mission to bring out Charlie's Christmas spirit with some surprising results.

A widowed father who is a workaholic, I think that maybe one of the biggest cliches you will find when it comes to TV movies. But this big cliche is matched by another as Gwen happens to be single and her sister is pushing her to stop working so hard and meet someone special. I bet you can see where this is going especially when you also have a young kid who wants to spend time with his father whilst the father already has a girlfriend but of course she isn't really suitable as she is pushy and demanding.

As such I don't think I need to go in to much more detail as to how "A Gift Wrapped Christmas" plays out and to be really honest this is one of those Christmas movies which is all about appeal. And it scores on the appeal front with Meredith Hagner bringing plenty of bubbly cuteness to Gwen whilst Travis Milne does nice guy who needs his priorities straightening out. And on top of that there is Anthony Bolognese who delivers that raspy voiced cute kid which fits well for these sorts of movies. Toss in some nice festive seasons as well as decorations and it ticks the made for TV Christmas movie boxes.

What this all boils down to is that "A Gift Wrapped Christmas" is nothing really new and it is one of those obvious made for TV Christmas which is much about the look and the likeability of the cast. And it works although it is one of those Christmas movies which due to its obvious nature doesn't always command your attention.

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